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Shnuggle Eco-Touch Nappy Bin + Better Bag Bin Liners

£32.99 £39.95
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Designed to create an effortless change time with a fuss free, odour locking 'drop and go' system, so the focus never shifts from baby.   The dual-seal odour airlock keeps unwanted odours trapped inside, even when the outer lid is open.  For extra peace of mind, everyday touch points have been treated with an anti-bacterial additive.

Thoughtfully eco, the Eco-Touch nappy bin is cassette free, saving on ongoing costs and plastic waste and the Better Bag bin liners are 100% biodegradable.   

  • Simple, one handed 'drop and go' operation 
  • Dual-seal odour airlock to keep unwanted odours trapped inside
  • Cassette free saving on ongoing costs and plastic waste
  • Anti-bacterial additive on everyday touch points for extra peace of mind
  • 100% biodegradable bin liners
  • Made from 100% recyclable plastic
  • Compatible with disposable, reusable and eco nappies and wipes
  • Compatible with any correctly sized bin liner of choice 

Better Bag Bin Liners are included with every nappy bin purchase so you're ready to go from day one - perfect for every situation, from pee to Poonami®.

Each bag should last at least 3 days for newborn nappies.

Please select:

Nappy Bin + 5 Bin Liners = 15 days supply.

Nappy Bin + 20 Bin Liners = over 2 months supply.

Nappy bin + 50 Bin Liners (Best Value) = over 5 months supply.

Additional nappy bin liners can be purchased here

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