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Clever Baby Products

Shnuggle Baby Bath | For newborn support up to 12m+Shnuggle Baby Bath | For newborn support up to 12m+
Shnuggle Toddler Bath | Big Bath for bigger kidsShnuggle Toddler Bath | Big Bath for bigger kids
Shnuggle Baby Bath Stand | Fold away designShnuggle Baby Bath Stand | Fold away design
Bath - Pebbly Clever Bath ThermometerPebbly Bath Thermometer
Pebbly Bath Thermometer
Bath Time - Shnuggle Washy Bath JugShnuggle Washy Bath Jug
Shnuggle Washy Bath Jug
Bath Time - Shnuggle Wishy Bath ToyShnuggle Wishy Bath Toy
Shnuggle Wishy Bath Toy
Baby Bath BrushBaby Bath Brush
Baby Bath Brush
Shnuggle Bath KneelerShnuggle Bath Kneeler
Shnuggle Bath Kneeler
£12.00 £14.95

Shnuggle has you covered at bathtime from our Multi-Award winning Shnuggle Baby Bath to our water-saving plus sized Toddler Bath. Complement bathtime with clever accessories like the Pebbly Bath Thermometer, and the Washy bath jug and wrap up bathtime in a warn snuggle with our cosy Bamboo blend wearable hooded towels. 

Bathing your baby or toddler is super easy with our amazing baby baths and toddler baths, specially designed to keep your baby safe and secure so they can always enjoy bath time - and helping you at the same time. The Shnuggle range suits all budgets from cheap baby baths to premium toddler baths and the Shnuggle Baby Bath has a built in Newborn Support too!

We think every baby should have a safe place to play at bathtime and with Shnuggle they will love bath time with our fun bath toys and bath thermometers. These extras will make the perfect bath time.

It's always worth getting a few extra bath accessories  to ensure you've created a completely safe environment. From our super comfy Bath Kneeler that saves your kneed at bathtime to our great toddler step stool to help your little one wash their hands and go to the toilet. And for extra peace of mind, our amazing Pebbly Bath Thermometer will ensure the water is the perfect temperature for your little one.

And wrap up bathtime with our brilliant range of Bamboo baby bath towels. The cute hooded tower design ensures your baby is cosy from head to toe.