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Frequently Asked Questions

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Rocking Stand FAQ's
1. What are the product dimensions? 2. Part of my stand has broken, how do I get a replacement part? Please email our customer service hello@shnug...

Curve Stand FAQ's
1. Can this stand be used with the Classic moses basket as well as the Dreami? Yes, although the hood will need to be removed on the classic baske...

Bath Stand FAQ's
1. Where is this product manufactured? Designed in the UK, manufactured in China to high quality standards 2. What standards has the stand been tes...

Classic Moses Basket FAQ's
1. What is the basket made from? Basket- polyethylene Handles- polyurethane upholstery Mattress- 60% 40% polyester Dressing Set- 100% cotton exclud...

Squishy FAQ's
1. How much does the squishy weigh? 1.25kg 2. How big is the squishy? 3. What can this be cleaned with without damaging it? We recommend that you ...

Toddler Bath FAQ's
1. Where was this manufactured? The Shnuggle Toddler bath was designed in the UK and is manufactured in China to high quality standards. 2. Can I g...

Baby Bath FAQ's
1. How long can this bath be used for? What are the age recommendations? It is suitable for babies from birth – 12+ months but this can depend on t...

Moonlight FAQ's
1. Will the light be bright enough for reading in bed? Yes if the nightlight is close to the book! 2. Is it suitable for a young baby? Yes but it i...

Shnuggle Air FAQ's
1. Where is this product manufactured? Air is manufactured in China by Factories with strict quality control standards. The mattresses are manufact...

Pebbly FAQ's
1. What is the temperature range?Pebbly will indicate that the water is too cold below temperatures of 30 degrees CFrom 30-37 Degrees C Pebbly will...