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Water Babies' top tips for teaching children water confidence
Water Babies have been teaching babies and toddlers to swim since 2002 and now teach over 48,000 little ones every week. With a clear emphasis on ...

Mary Berry Pankcake Recipe
Simple pancakes recipe to enjoy with the kids!

Newborn sleep tips and surviving those first few months

At Shnuggle HQ we have compiled our own list of newborn sleep tips based on our personal experiences as parents and what we have learnt along the way as well, as some tips on how to survive those first few sleep deprived months!

Bath Time Top Tips
Bathing baby for the first time can be a daunting experience.  We share our top tips for a happy and stress free bath time for both you and baby.

Baby Safe Sleeping for New Mums and Dads
The worry of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) can be a big fear for any new parent.  I remember spending many a night in those early days on ‘sl...

Creating a Breathable and Safe Sleeping Environment for Baby
We’ve put together some information which hopefully helps to break through all the noise associated with breathability as well as suggesting how you can help create a safe sleeping environment for baby.

Easing baby’s transition from crib to cot
Deciding when to move baby into their nursery and into a cot can feel like a big step. Here are a few of our tips to making the transition smoother for you and baby.

Car Seat Safety
To coincide with Road Safety Week we have teamed up with the In Car Safety Centre, to share some useful information on travelling safely with children.   

Surviving Christmas with a Newborn
As well as making it more special, Christmas with a new baby can be a little overwhelming.  Here are some ideas for surviving Christmas with a newborn baby.

Baby Sleep Tips for the Clocks Springing Forward
We may not have much routine at the moment as each day feels the same but for baby’s and young children, keeping a routine can make life a ...

Family activities at home

We asked our lovely followers what family activities they are doing to keep everyone entertained during lockdown.  These ideas still apply now as we head into the winter months or at any time of the year really. 

Care To Share

Care To Share, aims to encourage, motivate and uplift one another.  We hve a number of experts who have put together some great content which will offer advice, support and some much needed TLC to all new mummies and mums to be.