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Baby Safe Sleeping for New Mums and Dads
The worry of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) can be a big fear for any new parent.  I remember spending many a night in those early days on ‘sl...

Creating a Breathable and Safe Sleeping Environment for Baby
We’ve put together some information which hopefully helps to break through all the noise associated with breathability as well as suggesting how you can help create a safe sleeping environment for baby.

Car Seat Safety
To coincide with Road Safety Week we have teamed up with the In Car Safety Centre, to share some useful information on travelling safely with children.   

Baby Prepping At Home

Here are some things to think about before baby arrives which will hopefully make life a little easier when baby does make an appearance.  

Tips for a safe bath time with baby
Our 5 good bath time habits to adopt for a safer and happier bath time for baby.

Baby Proofing Your Home
Tips for baby proofing your home to help keep babies and young children safe.

Keeping Baby Cool in Summer
Tips from the Shnuggle team on helping to keep baby cool during the Summer, featuring the Shnuggle toddler bath and Shnuggle Moonlight with room thermometer.