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Shnuggle Moses

Clever Baby Products

Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket & StandShnuggle Dreami Moses Basket & Stand
Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket & Stand
£99.99 £134.95
Quited Moses Mattress
Quited Moses Mattress
Shnuggle Curve Moses Basket StandShnuggle Curve Moses Basket Stand
Shnuggle Curve Moses Basket Stand
£34.95 £39.95
Shnuggle Moses Basket DressingsShnuggle Moses Basket Dressings
Shnuggle Moses Basket Dressings
Starting at £25.00
Shnuggle Moses Sheets | Grey | 2-PackShnuggle Moses Sheets | Grey | 2-Pack
Shnuggle Moses Sheets | Grey |...
£8.99 £13.95

The complete range of Moses baskets, Moses basket stands, Moses Basket Mattresses and Moses basket sheets and Moses Basket Waterproof Sheets.

Moses baskets are a perfect first bed for baby and have been used for hundreds of years. Shnuggle reinvented the Moses basket with the Shnuggle Modern Moses basket in 2009. No longer made from wicker, the Shnuggle Moses Basket is made from a stronger, more durable, hypoallergenic polymer that can be easily cleaned and reused. 

The Shnuggle Dreami Moses Basket is larger than a traditional Moses basket and will last longer. So if you are picking babies first bed, have a look at the modern Moses basket from Shnuggle.

If you already have a Shnuggle Basket and just want a new Moses Basket Mattress or Moses Basket Waterproof sheet then you can buy those here too.