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Shnuggle News

Car Seat Safety
To coincide with Road Safety Week we have teamed up with the In Car Safety Centre, to share some useful information on travelling safely with children.   

Surviving Christmas with a Newborn
As well as making it more special, Christmas with a new baby can be a little overwhelming.  Here are some ideas for surviving Christmas with a newborn baby.

Baby Sleep Tips for the Clocks Springing Forward

With the clocks jumping forward 1 hour this weekend (1am Sunday 27h March), it can be tricky to keep your little one's sleep on track and can take a few days to adjust.   Here are just a few things you could do to try and make the transition smoother for the clocks changing. 

Moses Basket or Crib? What’s Best For You & Baby?

Choosing between a moses basket or bedside crib can be a difficult decision to make for mum and dads to be.  To try and help you with your decision we have compiled a list of things to consider with each.

Our Pledge to Help NHS Frontline Workers

Shnuggle, put together a collective of companies throughout Northern Ireland to help Heroic Key Workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Family activities at home

We asked our lovely followers what family activities they are doing to keep everyone entertained during lockdown.  These ideas still apply now as we head into the winter months or at any time of the year really. 

Baby Prepping At Home

Here are some things to think about before baby arrives which will hopefully make life a little easier when baby does make an appearance.  

Care To Share

Care To Share, aims to encourage, motivate and uplift one another.  We hve a number of experts who have put together some great content which will offer advice, support and some much needed TLC to all new mummies and mums to be.

Annabel Karmel’s Top Weaning Tips – Is Baby Ready?
We share Annabel Karmel's tell tale signs that baby is ready to start weaning.

Annabel Karmel’s Top Weaning Tips: Spoon-led vs Baby-Led

So now you know that your is baby ready for those first tastes, the next question is which method do you opt for – traditional spoon-led or baby-led?  Here is some fab advice from the team at Annabel Karmel.

Annabel Karmel’s Top Weaning Tips – First Tastes
The team at Annabel Karmel share tips and ideas for taking those first weaning steps and suggestions on what works well for first tastes.

My Maternal Mental Health Experience
Our very own Co-Founder, Sinead Murphy shares her personal experience and struggles with maternal mental health, supporting our #wecaretoshare campaign, in the hope that it will help someone else feeling the same way at the moment.